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Landsite Corp is owned and operated by Scott and Kristina Burnside. In 1998 we started as a “proprietorship”. In 1999 we decided to form a Corporation and Landsite Corp. came to fruition. Scott is the President and Kristina is the Treasurer. Landsite is operated with long standing employees bringing excellence in quality, safety, business and personal work ethics to its customers at fair pricing.

There are 100 plus years of quality experience, knowledge of the trade and hard work brought to the customers with their best interest being in the forefront.

Scott Burnside – Scott has had a love for excavation work since childhood, he would build roadways and pipelines in the sand box for hours and also watch and learn from contractors, which he still implements today. Scott got his 30 plus years of experience from three mid-size contractors starting as a laborer and then working up to truck driver, operator, foreman, supervisor, estimator, project manager and now owning Landsite Corp. Scott still performs all the above positions daily, so you will still see Scott on the job sites daily enjoying every minute of work. He lives with his wife (Kristina) and three daughters in Antrim.

Sean Magoon – Sean’s main position is supervisor/foreman. His experience started in 1965 with his family business Magoon Construction run by his father in Bennington, NH and then becoming a partner with his father. Scott and Sean met back in early 1990’s when Sean left the family business for a short time, working for one of the company’s Scott worked for. They formed a close friendship. When Sean’s fathers passed on Sean’s business was closed and he came to work for Landsite in 2003. Sean’s experience is similar to Scott’s, as you will see Sean multi-tasking on the job-sites. Sean lives in Bennington with his wife, two sons, one daughter, two-step sons and one-step daughter.

Brian Sudsbury – Brian came to work with Landsite in 2007 after the local excavation contractor in Peterborough, NH retired. Brian is the type of worker that does not need to be told what to do. He spots even the smallest details and completes them. Brian's experience is multi-talented too. His experience started working for his uncle in 1973 as a mason, then in 1976 he worked for NHDOT and Town of Hancock Highway Departments, then with the excavation contractor in Peterborough. He briefly moved to Washington State in 1991 and worked for a heavy rigger moving houses/buildings and also with company with a crushing plant. He then moved back to Antrim, NH in 1998 and went back to work in Peterborough. Brian also keeps busy on the side when not fishing. He lives in Antrim, NH with his wife and two cats

Frank Jones

Doug Tatro

Allie Burnside

Kristina Burnside – Kristina’s main duties are taking care of her family bringing the girls all over the place and as treasurer dealing with the information that the accountant needs and tax forms, helping Sharon in the office and listening to Scott about the daily stress’s of owning a business (do not know how she does it). Her experience includes working for a bookkeeper, retail store (being transferred to Atlanta, Georgia in the 80’s), a local grocery store and office manager for one of the contractors Scott worked for. Her laugh always brings joy to everyone. She lives in Antrim with her husband (Scott) and her three daughters.





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